Michael Armbruster

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While semidefinite relaxations are known to deliver good approximations for combinatorial optimization problems like graph bisection, their practical scope is mostly associated with small dense instances. For large sparse instances, cutting plane techniques are considered the method of choice. These are also applicable for semidefinite relaxations via the(More)
The automotive domain is challenged by the increasing importance of Information Technology (IT) based functions. To show the possibilities of modern IT systems, a demonstrator car was developed in RACE (Robust and Reliant Automotive Computing Environment for Future eCars) based on a completely redesigned E/E architecture, which supports the integration of(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a novel polytrauma model that better recapitulates the immunologic response of the severely injured patient by combining long-bone fracture, muscle tissue damage, and cecectomy with hemorrhagic shock, resulting in an equivalent Injury Severity Score of greater than 15. We compared this new polytrauma/shock model to historically used(More)
In the last couple of years software functionality of modern cars increased dramatically. This growing functionality leads directly to a higher complexity of development and configuration. Current studies show that the amount of software will continue to grow. Additionally, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous functionality, such as(More)
ISO 26262 addresses development of safe in-vehicle functions by specifying methods potentially used in the design and development lifecycle. It does not indicate what is sufficient and leaves room for interpretation. However, the architects of electric/electronic systems need design boundaries to make decisions during architecture evolution without adding a(More)