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A recent criticism of the Nottingham Health Profile (NHP) claimed it was an insensitive instrument for use in population surveys, because its modal response was zero, and domains measured by the instrument are insufficiently distinct. It is argued here that the NHP was designed specifically to uncover the chronically ill in populations and, further,(More)
This study was designed to investigate the dimensionality of positive emotions and was run in two parts. In part 1, subjects were given a set of 24 different life-situations all of which commonly give rise to positive emotions. They sorted the 24 situations into groups on the basis of whether or not they produced similar emotional responses. In part 2 of(More)
The evidence presented above points to the need for considering factors other than purely religious ones in determining the role of religious ideas in psychiatric disorders. The occurrence of religious ideas as part of the content of individual delusional systems in psychiatric patients can be explained on the basis of exposure to religious ideas through(More)