Michael Antonelli

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The direct observation of a thermoelectric magnetohydrodynamic (TEMHD) flow has been achieved and is reported here. The origin of the flow is identified based on a series of qualitative tests and corresponds, quantitatively, with a swirling flow TEMHD model. A theory for determining the dominant driver of a free-surface flow, TEMHD or thermocapillary (TC),(More)
Diamond is a promising material for the production of semitransparent in situ photon beam monitors which can withstand the high dose rates occurring in new generation synchrotron radiation storage rings and in free electron lasers. We report on the development of a 500 μm thick freestanding, single crystal chemical vapor deposited diamond detector with(More)
We use a lattice-Boltzmann based Brownian dynamics simulation to investigate the separation of different lengths of DNA through the combination of a trapping force and the microflow created by counter-rotating vortices. We can separate most long DNA molecules from shorter chains that have lengths differing by as little as 30%. The sensitivity of this(More)
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