Michael Antioco

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a r t i c l e i n f o Interest in the use of (big) company data and data-mining models to guide decisions exploded in recent years. In many domains there are human experts whose knowledge is essential in building, interpreting and applying these models. However, the impact of integrating expert opinions into the decision-making process has not been(More)
Relationship marketing emerged from a shift to a market orientated business climate focusing on long-term relationships with customers, competitors, and other important influence markets. In this perspective, many organisations are faced with new dilemmas since the conduct of business on the Internet. Is Internet really supporting relationship marketing, or(More)
The objective of this exploratory study is to add to our understanding of on-going product design decision-making in order to reduce eventual decision-making bias. Six research questions are formulated with the aim to establish if and how functional membership and informal patterns of communication within an organization influence whether and why employees(More)
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