Michael Andrews

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Reviewers The Publications Committee of the American Physiological Society gratefully acknowledges the services of the following reviewers who assisted the Editorial Board in the reviews of manuscripts. (invited only) have specific instructions that you should review if you are submitting to them. The American Physiological Society (APS) Journals seek(More)
Practical laser speckle contrast analysis systems face a problem of spatial averaging of speckles, due to the pixel size in the cameras used. Existing practice is to use a system factor in speckle contrast analysis to account for spatial averaging. The linearity of the system factor correction has not previously been confirmed. The problem of spatial(More)
Many anticancer drugs are myelotoxic and cause bone marrow depression; however, generally, the marrow/blood returns to normal after treatment. Nevertheless, after the administration of some anti-neoplastic agents (e.g. busulphan, BU) under conditions as yet undefined, the marrow may begin a return towards normal, but normality may not be achieved, and(More)
Bonds issued by the government or government agencies are often used to finance bank restructuring following a systemic crisis. Many conflicting considerations affect the design of the bonds used to pay for public sector investment in bank equity or the purchase of distressed assets from banks. Some bond features can leave restructured banks facing(More)
The problem of compacting microcode has received considerable attention, but there remains much room for improvement. The major obstacle is the NP-completeness of the associated optimization problem and the coupling between code generation and compaction. Reduction operators are one form of heuristic technique that have been used effectively in scene(More)
This paper explores the correlation of instruction counts and cache misses to runtime performance for a large family of divide and conquer algorithms to compute the Walsh-Hadamard transform (WHT). Previous work showed how to compute instruction counts and cache misses from a high-level description of the algorithm and proved theoretical results about their(More)
This paper describes the design and development of a high-speed, lightweight robot for indoor exploration; HOMER (High-speed Obstacle Mapping and Exploration Robot). HOMER is designed to rapidly explore an indoor environment and generate 2D maps, using a stereoscopic camera as the primary range sensor. The focus of the HOMER project is to provide a platform(More)
Thesis-" The emplacement of high-temperature tuffs: a structural analysis of syn-and post-depositional rheomorphism in the Grey's Landing Ignimbrite, Snake River Plain volcanic province, Idaho ". First Class degree with Honors 2 – top of June 2000 graduating class Thesis – " Igneous and metamorphic history of the granulite-facies Scourie Mhor garnet(More)