Michael Ambroso

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Synopsis A certain number of hairdressing parlour employers have been taken to court because their employees allegedly suffered from lung allergies caused by the vapours from PPD (paraphenylendiamine) which allegedly developed when applying hair dyes. These conclusions may be reached if the specific hazards of the rubber and particularly leather and fur(More)
We report on craters formed by balls dropped into dry, noncohesive, granular media. By explicit variation of ball density rho(b), diameter D(b), and drop height H, the crater diameter is confirmed to scale as the 1/4 power of the energy of the ball at impact: D(c) approximately equal (rho(b)D(3)(b)H)(1/4). Against expectation, a different scaling law is(More)
We present data for the time dependence of wooden spheres penetrating into a loose noncohesive packing of glass beads. The stopping time is a factor of 3 longer than the time d/v0 needed to travel the total penetration distance d at the impact speed v0. The acceleration decreases monotonically throughout the impact. These kinematics are modeled by a(More)
We present data for the penetration of a variety of spheres, dropped from rest, into a loose noncohesive granular medium. We improve upon earlier work [J. S. Uehara, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 194301 (2003)] in three regards. First, we explore the behavior vs sphere diameter and density more systematically, by holding one of these parameters constant while(More)
The ability to predict the consequences of an atmospheric release of a toxic material accurately, as opposed to conservatively, is of increasing importance to decision-makers who need to plan for or respond to such incidents. A conservative estimate of casualties, for example, may involve multiplying the average population density by the area over which a(More)
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