Michael Allen Patten

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We examined barriers to gene flow in a hybrid zone of two subspecies of the song sparrow (Melospiza melodia). We focused on how mating signals and mate choice changed along an environmental gradient and gathered data on the morphology, genetics, ecology, and behavior across the zone. Melospiza m. heermanni of the Pacific slope of California and M. m. fallax(More)
Coevolutionary hypotheses (COEV) predict that parasitic birds become more specialized in host selection over time as more host species evolve defenses. A contrasting model, PHYLO, suggests that brood parasites exhibit a phylogenetic trajectory toward increasing generalization because there is a positive correlation between present-day numbers of host(More)
Factors affecting female space use in ten populations of prairie chickens" (2015). Abstract. Conservation of wildlife depends on an understanding of the interactions between animal movements and key landscape factors. Habitat requirements of wide-ranging species often vary spatially, but quantitative assessment of variation among replicated studies at(More)
New wind-energy facilities and their associated power transmission lines and roads are being constructed at a rapid pace in the Great Plains of North America. Nevertheless, little is known about the possible negative effects these anthropogenic features might have on prairie birds, one of the most threatened groups in North America. We examined(More)
We reanalyzed video presented as confirmation that an ivory-billed woodpecker (Campephilus principalis) persists in Arkansas (Fitzpatrick et al., Reports, 3 June 2005, p. 1460). None of the features described as diagnostic of the ivory-billed woodpecker eliminate a normal pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus). Although we support efforts to find and(More)
We have examined the development of the dopaminergic system of the guinea pig retina, a species in which retinal neuronal and synaptic differentiation occurs largely in utero. Fetal animals aged 42-69 days (full term), neonates, postnatal (pn) animals to 12 weeks, and mature animals were studied to determine retinal dopamine (DA) storage, metabolism(More)
Hybrid zones, where populations with incomplete reproductive isolation interact, are particularly good systems in which to study how isolating barriers evolve during speciation. Examining a hybrid zone over time or with contacts of different ages allows us to understand the relative roles of and interactions between different isolating barriers (such as(More)
The distribution of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) has been markedly reduced due to loss and fragmentation of habitat. Portions of the historical range, however, have been recolonized and even expanded due to planting of conservation reserve program (CRP) fields that provide favorable vegetation structure for Lesser(More)