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This paper describes The Krakatoa Chronicle, a highly interactive, personalized newspaper on the World Wide Web (WWW). It is intended for Java−aware WWW browsers such as HotJava, and is architecturally quite different from conventional web−based newspapers. Its high interactivity and powerful personalization are the result of sending an interactive agent(More)
Business process reengineering has been proposed as a viable methodology whenever a radical shift in the way an organization performs its functions is desired. However, implementing the outcomes of a business process reengineering effort, viz., a new process, is no easy matter. This is especially true when an organization is uncertain of the potential of(More)
We present Krakatoa Chronicle, an interactive, personalized newspaper on the World Wide Web implemented as a Java applet. The newspaper is similar in appearance to newspapers in the real world, with a multi-column layout and justified text. At the same time it provides various interaction techniques for browsing the content of articles, giving relevance(More)
This paper describes the creation of an interactive audience voting system, iVo. The device is intended for diving and gymnastics events during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. iVo is adaptable and can be incorporated into a wider range of sports and events. Industrial Design and Interaction Design methodologies were combined allowing us to(More)
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