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Fandom and coercive empowerment: the commissioned production of Chinese online literature
This article examines how the relationship between consumers and producers of cultural products is shaped by the proprietary nature of digital platforms. Drawing on 4 years of online observation andExpand
‘If a girl’s photo gets sent around, that’s a way bigger deal than if a guy’s photo gets sent around’: gender, sexting, and the teenage years
ABSTRACT Youth, particularly female teens, are encouraged to self-monitor and be responsible for their actions online in order to avoid harm from cyberbullying, ‘sexting,’ and other forms ofExpand
Stockholm Syndrome as Vernacular Resource
First coined in 1973 to describe a pathological response on the part of individuals involved in kidnapping or hostage-taking situations, the label “Stockholm syndrome” has since been used in a muchExpand
A New Privacy Paradox? Youth Agentic Practices of Privacy Management Despite "Nothing to Hide" Online.
This work highlights privacy concerns as a primary reason for a gravitation away from Facebook toward newer, more popular sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, as well as debates about the permeability of privacy on Snapchat in particular. Expand
Aging Out of Crime
Research on desistance from crime has focused largely on Western regions. While culture has been identified as an important factor to consider, desistance studies largely hold cultural contextExpand
Colonial responses to youth crime in Hong Kong: Penal elitism, legitimacy and citizenship
This article examines colonial responses to youth crime in Hong Kong, focusing on the 1960s, when riots involving large numbers of youth drew concern among officials over spillover from the CulturalExpand
Igniting Constructionist Imaginations: Social Constructionism’s Absence and Potential Contribution to Public Sociology
Why have social constructionists remained absent from debates over public sociology? I argue that constructionist scholarship would be particularly amenable to Michael Burawoy’s notion of ‘organic’Expand
Pragmatism and 'Engaged' Buddhism: Working Toward Peace and a Philosophy of Action
FAILING TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO UNDERSTAND: BY-PRODUCTS OF ORIENTALISM A full understanding and appreciation of Thich Nhat Hanh's engaged Buddhism is stymied by a long tradition in Western scholarshipExpand