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The integration of North African Jews in France
The uprooting of the North African Jews and their massive departure for Israel and France constitute, beyond any doubt, one of the most dramatic episodes in the decolonization of the southernExpand
“Licensed Shared Access” an innovation in European radio spectrum policy
A radio spectrum policy that would consist into a new spectrum management process can be seen as an innovation if there is emergence of new business models with either consequences on the market in place or creation of new market. Expand
The Early State in African Perspective: Culture, Power, and Division of Labour
Preface, S.N. Eisenstadt, Michel Aitbol and Naomi Chazan Acknowledgements The Origins of the State Reconsidered, S.N. Eisenstadt, Michel Abitbol and Naomi Chazan Myths and Politics in PrecolonialExpand
Research on Moroccan Jewry
The Center for Research on Moroccan Jewry (CRJM) was founded in May 1994, on the initiative of Mr. Robert Assaraf, after long months of planning, discussions and preliminary studies. The Center is anExpand
L’engrenage (1878-1894)