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OBJECTIVE Generalizing the data models underlying two prototype neurophysiology databases, the authors describe and propose the Common Data Model (CDM) as a framework for federating a broad spectrum of disparate neuroscience information resources. DESIGN Each component of the CDM derives from one of five superclasses-data, site, method, model, and(More)
We have implemented a pair of database projects, one serving cortical electrophysiology and the other invertebrate neurones and recordings. The design for each combines aspects of two proven schemes for information interchange. The journal article metaphor determined the type, scope, organization and quantity of data to comprise each submission. Sequence(More)
through physiology, pharmacology, and anatomy to development, behavior, learning, neurology, and psychiatry. Investigations probe nervous systems using techniques for data collection and analysis derived from fields as diverse as genomics, biophysics, computer science, and psychology. The scope and range of neuroscience data is thus ever more complex, and(More)
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