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Expression of Cytosolic Peroxiredoxins in Plasmodium berghei Ookinetes Is Regulated by Environmental Factors in the Mosquito Bloodmeal
The Plasmodium ookinete develops over several hours in the bloodmeal of its mosquito vector where it is exposed to exogenous stresses, including cytotoxic reactive oxygen species (ROS). How theExpand
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Anopheline Orthologs of the Human Erythroid Heme Exporter, FLVCR, Export Heme: Potential Targets to Inhibit Plasmodium Transmission
Abstract 2 Heme, a complex of iron and protoporphyrin IX, is ubiquitous in aerobic cells, serving as the prosthetic group for essential hemoproteins. However, an excess of intracellular “free” hemeExpand
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