Michael A. Wooldridge

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UNLABELLED The BioText Search Engine is a freely available Web-based application that provides biologists with new ways to access the scientific literature. One novel feature is the ability to search and browse article figures and their captions. A grid view juxtaposes many different figures associated with the same keywords, providing new insight into the(More)
This paper presents the results of a pilot us-ability study of a novel approach to search user interfaces for bioscience journal articles. The main idea is to support search over figure captions explicitly, and show the corresponding figures directly within the search results. Participants in a pilot study expressed surprise at the idea, noting that they(More)
When reading bioscience journal articles, many researchers focus attention on the figures and their captions. This observation led to the development of the BioText literature search engine, a freely available Web-based application that allows biologists to search over the contents of Open Access Journals, and see figures from the articles displayed(More)
This paper reports on the results of two questionnaires asking biologists about the incorporation of text-extracted entity information, specifically gene and protein names, into bioscience literature search user interfaces. Among the findings are that study participants want to see gene/protein metadata in combination with organism information; that a(More)
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