Michael A. Wesley

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This paper describes a collision avoidance algorithm for planning a safe path for a polyhedral object moving among known polyhedral objects. The algorithm transforms the obstacles so that they represent the locus of forbidden positions for an arbitrary reference point on the moving object. A trajectory of this reference point which avoids all forbidden(More)
This paper describes an experimental very high level programming system for computer controlled mechanical assembly. AUTOPASS (AuTomated Parts Assembly System). The AUTOPASS language is oriented towards objects and assembly operations, rather than motions of mechanical assembly machines. It is intended to enable the user to concentrate on the overall(More)
Very high level languages for describing mechanical assembly require a representation of the geometric and physical properties of 3 0 objects including parts, tools, and the assembler itself. This paper describes a geometric modeling system that generates a data base in which objects and assemblies are represented by nodes in a graph structure. The edges of(More)
This paper presents a design for a software system (OYSTER) for the parametric simulation and analysis of the fabrication steps of very large scale integrated circuit devices. The system is based on a solid geometric modeling approach in which the component parts of an integrated circuit are represented at any step as three-dimensional solid objects in a(More)
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