Michael A. Tarrant

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The authors examined the interaction of 3 situational variables (activity type, location, and encounfer type) on 3 predicfors of perceived crowding (perceived, preferred and roleruble encounter levels). A toral of 310 koyakers and canoers and 356 rafrers completed on-site and mail-back surveys regarding their trip on the Nantahala River in North Carolina(More)
CONTEXT The family medicine clerkship at the University of Calgary is a 4-week mandatory rotation in the final year of a 3-year programme. Students are given the opportunity to experience rural practice by training at 1 of several rural practices. OBJECTIVE To determine whether exposure to a rural educational experience changes students' likelihood of(More)
Research on the social bases of environmentalism in the United States has generally found that urban residents are more concerned about the environment than rural residents . Recent research suggests this may no longer be the case, particularly in specific settings or under certain conditions . This paper examines the issue by reviewing recent survey(More)
Previous research addressing the unequal distribution of locally desirable land (LDL) has mainly ignored their associated environments (i.e., rural or urban). However, this study proposed a new framework that treats rural and urban regions separately. In rural areas, the LDLs included all public lands. In urbanized areas, the LDLs were defined as green open(More)
The full spectrum of mumps in Southern Alberta was studied over the years 1980-1982. In the community, a random sample of 3,497 children was tested for prevalence of immunity to mumps. The 1,816 who were not immune were retested after one year. The incidence of new immunity was 16.5%. Most seroconverters had no illness suggestive of mumps. History of(More)
The brachial artery flow-mediated dilation test (FMD) is the non-invasive gold-standard used to assess endothelial function. Reduced FMD is an early event in the development of atherosclerosis and provides a marker for predicting future cardiovascular disease events. Despite its widespread popularity and proven validity, the FMD test is limited by poor(More)
INTRODUCTION In a previous prospective study, students from rural backgrounds were found to be significantly more likely to consider rural practice than their urban-raised peers. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the students with rural backgrounds who participated in the original investigation were more likely than their urban-raised peers(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent events have heightened awareness of disaster health issues and the need to prepare the health workforce to plan for and respond to major incidents. This has been reinforced at an international level by the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, which has proposed an international educational framework. OBJECTIVE The aim(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke occurrence appears to be a random event, yet annual and supra-annual periodicity is observed. Recent attention in atherosclerotic disease etiology has focused on infectious and inflammatory mechanisms. Influenza is one such infection that may influence stroke occurrence. METHODS We explored population-based time series data on stroke(More)
Objective. To identify modifiable cardio-metabolic and lifestyle risk factors among indigenous populations from Australia (Aboriginal Australians/Torres Strait Islanders), New Zealand (Māori), and the United States (American Indians and Alaska Natives) that contribute to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Methods. National health surveys were identified where(More)