Michael A. Spanner

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A blind test of two remote sensing-based models for predicting adult populations of Anopheles albimanus in villages, an indicator of malaria transmission risk, was conducted in southern Chiapas, Mexico. One model was developed using a discriminant analysis approach, while the other was based on regression analysis. The models were developed in 1992 for an(More)
A landscape approach using remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) technologies was developed to discriminate between villages at high and low risk for malaria transmission, as defined by adult Anopheles albimanus abundance. Satellite data for an area in southern Chiapas, Mexico were digitally processed to generate a map of landscape(More)
-Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer imagery provides frequent and low-cost coverage of the earth, but its coarse spatial resolution (-1.1 km by 1.1 km) does not lend itself to standard techniques of automated categorization of land cover classes because the pixels are generally mixed; that is, the extent of the pixel includes several land use/cover(More)
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