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DOI 10.1007/s10049-010-1368-x Online publiziert: 16.11.2010 © European Resuscitation Council 2010 R.W. Koster1 · M.A. Baubin2 · L.L. Bossaert3 · A. Caballero4 · P. Cassan5 · M. Castrén6 · C. Granja7 · A.J. Handley8 · K.G. Monsieurs9 · G.D. Perkins10 · V. Raffay11 · C. Sandroni12 1 Department of Cardiology, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam 2 Department of(More)
This paper examines the effect that changing arena (i.e. an immersive CAVE or head mounted display) and adding an augmented barrier has on the sense of place and presence in two photo-realistic virtual environments. Twenty eight subjects (17 male, 11 female) mainly undergraduate students or staff took part. The paper summarises two experiments that used a(More)
This review comprises the most extensive literature search and evidence evaluation to date on the most important international BLS interventions, diagnostics, and prognostic factors for cardiac arrest victims. It reemphasizes that the critical lifesaving steps of BLS are (1) prevention, (2) immediate recognition and activation of the emergency response(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the cost-effectiveness of lanthanum carbonate (LC) versus sevelamer hydrochloride (SH) as a treatment for hyperphosphatemia in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. METHODS A Markov model was developed to estimate health outcomes; quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) and life-years saved (LYS), as well as associated costs. The model(More)
This paper describes the design, application, and refinement of a qualitative tool designed to study sense of place. The Place Probe incorporates a range of stimuli and techniques aimed at articulating a person's sense of place. It has been developed , used, and undergone three revisions. The paper describes the background to the choice of measures that(More)
The goal of the Teallach project is to provide facilities for the systematic development of interfaces to object databases in a manner which is independent of both a specific underlying database and operating system. Teallach's open architecture also allows the creation of interfaces to non-database applications in a platform-independent manner. To this end(More)