Michael A Samuel

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PURPOSE To review the clinical features, disease progression, and effects of treatment on idiopathic retinitis, vasculitis, aneurysms, and neuroretinitis (IRVAN). DESIGN Retrospective interventional case series. PARTICIPANTS Ten patients with IRVAN originally reported in 1995 and 12 additional patients identified since the original series. (More)
PURPOSE To describe the effects of intravitreal bevacizumab in eyes with macular edema resulting from central retinal vein occlusions (CRVO). METHODS Retrospective consecutive case series of patients diagnosed with macular edema from CRVO who received intravitreal bevacizumab. RESULTS Thirty eyes of 29 patients with an average age of 72 years (range,(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate same-day combination intravitreal bevacizumab/panretinal photocoagulation (PRP) for the treatment of neovascular glaucoma (NVG) compared with PRP alone. METHODS This was an institutional review board-approved, retrospective, consecutive case-control study of patients receiving same-day combination bevacizumab/PRP or PRP alone as(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnosis and management of Acute Retinal Necrosis (ARN) in children that does not respond to systemic acyclovir treatment can be challenging. We report two cases of ARN secondary to herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 2 that was resistant to acyclovir but was treated successfully with intravenous foscarnet. CASE REPORT Two children diagnosed with(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Stem cell therapy holds great promise for the treatment of retinal diseases. This review summarizes recent advances in stem cell biology, outlines ongoing clinical trials and details the obstacles that must be overcome for stem cell therapy to be a viable treatment for retinal disease. RECENT FINDINGS Stem cells can now be directed to(More)
Case report A healthy 4-year-old boy presented with leukocoria of the right eye. On examination, the patient demonstrated poor visual fixation in the right eye and steady fixation in his left eye. During examination under anaesthesia, intraocular pressures were within normal ranges. Ultrasonography confirmed a detached and diffusely thickened retina with no(More)
PURPOSE To describe complications of the retina and vitreous occurring in children undergoing treatment for retinoblastoma and their clinical management. METHODS Retrospective analysis of Ret-Cam images of 206 patients with retinoblastoma treated at one center between 1996 and 2003. Images were studied for vitreoretinal features other than tumor(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the association between the use of carboxymethylcellulose sodium 1% (Celluvisc) (Allergan, Inc.) during laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) and the development of diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK). SETTING Outpatient surgery center, Detroit, Michigan, USA. METHODS In this retrospective case series, the postoperative clinical(More)
An atypical presentation of Coats' disease is reported with a prominent subfoveal nodule with peripheral retinal exudates. A 6-year old boy presented with 6/120 vision in the left eye associated with an elevated 1 mm subfoveal, circular lesion with peripheral exudates. The fluorescein angiogram showed peripheral retinal telangiectasias with leakage(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the incidence of epithelial defects that occur with laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) using nonpreserved carboxymethylcellulose sodium 0.5% solution (Refresh Plus(R)) intraoperatively. SETTING Community-based refractive center. METHODS This retrospective study comprised 105 patients (210 eyes) who had primary bilateral LASIK by 1(More)