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We report a case of a primary pericardial malignant mesothelioma. A 59-year-old male presented with episodic chest pain and dyspnea on exertion. Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging revealed a large mass in the pericardium attached to the right ventricle. Partial resection of the mass was undertaken revealing malignant mesothelioma, byphasic type. The patient(More)
PURPOSE Adrenal venous sampling (AVS) is limited by technical failures that result from incorrect catheter placement or failure to catheterize the right adrenal vein. The existence of an inadequate sample may not be recognized at the time of the procedure, which can lead to nondiagnostic results. Rapid assay of serum cortisol levels allows for(More)
OBJECT The current gold standard for diagnosing arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and assessing its obliteration after stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is digital subtraction angiography (DSA). Recently, MRI and MR angiography (MRA) have become increasingly popular imaging modalities for the follow-up of patients with an AVM because of their convenient setup(More)
PURPOSE A critical intraoperative variable for the return of tumescence following radical prostatectomy is preservation of the cavernous nerves. We developed a nontoxic technique that would allow high resolution, in vivo real-time imaging specifically of the cavernous nerves. MATERIALS AND METHODS The cavernous nerves were labeled by injecting a(More)
Apoptosis and the subsequent clearance of dying cells occurs throughout development and adult life in many tissues. Failure to promptly clear apoptotic cells has been linked to many diseases. ELMO1 is an evolutionarily conserved cytoplasmic engulfment protein that functions downstream of the phosphatidylserine receptor BAI1, and, along with DOCK1 and the(More)
Hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha) is a transcription factor that plays an essential role in oxygen homeostasis. HIF-1alpha is constitutively made in cells; however, it is ubiquitinated and degraded under normoxic conditions. Hypoxia prevents the ubiquitination of HIF-1alpha, resulting in stabilization of the protein and activation of target(More)
Arachnoid webs are intradural extramedullary bands of arachnoid tissue that can extend to the pial surface of the spinal cord, causing a focal dorsal indentation of the cord. These webs tend to occur in the upper thoracic spine and may produce a characteristic deformity of the cord that we term the "scalpel sign." We describe 14 patients whose imaging(More)
Patients undergoing radiation for left-sided breast cancer have increased rates of coronary artery disease. Free-breathing intensity-modulated radiation therapy (FB-IMRT) and 3-dimensional conformal deep inspiratory-breath hold (3D-DIBH) reduce cardiac irradiation. The purpose of this study is to compare the dose to organs at risk in FB-IMRT vs 3D-DIBH for(More)
Venous anomalies are the most commonly identified abnormality by imaging in the work-up for pulse synchronous tinnitus. Potential diagnoses include idiopathic intracranial hypertension, sigmoid sinus wall anomalies, transverse and sigmoid sinus stenosis, jugular bulb anomalies, and prominent posterior fossa emissary veins. These causes are discussed in(More)