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Though acne is not generally cured, treatment can reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks, lessen discomfort from inflamed lesions, improve appearance, and prevent or minimize scarring, thereby averting or ameliorating potentially serious adverse psychosocial effects. A number of new agents are available; combination therapies that achieve synergism(More)
Patients with transient cerebral ischemic attacks (TIAs) are generally felt to be at increased risk for stroke. A comprehensive clinical evaluation consisting of a thorough history and physical examination, as well as adjunctive laboratory and radiologic studies, is required to substantiate the diagnosis and to identify the underlying etiology. For patients(More)
The asymptomatic carotid bruit is not an uncommon finding in patients aged 45 years and older. The presence of such a finding has been associated with an increased incidence of stroke and cardiovascular death. The optimal evaluation and management of such patients are still unresolved. Noninvasive carotid evaluation appears to be useful for defining the(More)
Acne is a common condition of the sebaceous follicle. The primary care physician can have a large impact on patients with acne by properly classifying the type of acne (obstructive versus inflammatory) and successfully treating the acne based on its severity. Reduction of acne lesions by appropriate topical and oral medications provides great psychological(More)
This paper describes the evaluation of interagency collaboration in a network of child-serving providers as part of the evaluation of the Bridgeport Safe Start Initiative (BSSI). In line with the system of care approach, the objectives of BSSI included reducing fragmentation of efforts and delivering integrated services to families of young children exposed(More)
There exists a traditional belief that sigmoidoscopy immediately prior to barium enema produces excessive gas and irritability, which subsequently interfere with performance and interpretation of the barium enema study. A survey was initiated to determine whether primary care physicians are generally advised not to perform barium enema examination(More)
Termination of pregnancy by means of "menstrual extraction" is a useful procedure for family physicians opting to offer this service to their patients. It is an easily performed procedure which, when compared to the presently available avenues for abortion, offers significant advantages in cost, diminished morbidity, and the opportunity for continuity of(More)
A three-year prospective chart audit of a family practice residency program was performed to measure physician compliance in following the recommendations of an adult immunization program. Despite curriculum changes, performance self-evaluation, and reminders by faculty members to residents about the need for adult immunization, physician compliance was(More)