Michael A. Persinger

Stanley A Koren4
Kevin S Saroka4
Nirosha J. Murugan3
Lukasz M. Karbowski3
4Stanley A Koren
4Kevin S Saroka
3Nirosha J. Murugan
3Lukasz M. Karbowski
2Noa Gang
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This experiment was designed to test the hypothesis that the sensed presence, the feeling of a proximal sentient being, can be evoked within the laboratory. Under double-blind conditions, 48 university men and women were exposed to weak (100 nT to 1 muT), complex, pulsed magnetic fields that were applied primarily over the right temporoparietal region,(More)
Disruption of the sleep-wake cycle has been reported among individuals with Down syndrome (DS). Here we studied behavioral rhythms in adult male and female Ts65Dn mice, a model of DS. The overall behavioral activity of Ts65Dn and diploid (2N) littermates as defined by total movements (TM), movement time (MT), ambulatory movement time (AMT), time spent in(More)
The cerebral processes of observation and measurement are associated with the action potential whose energy of about 10-20 J matches the magnitude associated with electric forces between ions on the neuronal membrane's surface. Both intrinsic gravitational forces and the density of force within the domain of Planck's length indicate the width of a membrane(More)
The sense of "a presence" or of a sentient being during partial sensory deprivation and exposure to very weak, complex magnetic fields across the cerebral hemispheres may be a normal neurocognitive experience that is associated with the brief intrusion of the right hemispheric homologue of the left hemispheric (and strongly linguistic) sense of self into(More)
Cosic discovered that spectral analyses of a protein sequence after each constituent amino acid had been transformed into an appropriate pseudopotential predicted a resonant energy between interacting molecules. Several experimental studies have verified the predicted peak wavelength of photons within the visible or near-visible light band for specific(More)
Interhemispheric coherence for 19 channel EEG activity collected over a three year period from 184 men and women who relaxed in a quiet, darkened chamber showed significant increased coherence between caudal temporal regions for the 11 Hz frequency band during increased (>∼8 nT) global geomagnetic activity at the time of measurement. Detailed analyses from(More)
A tandem sequence composed of weak temporally-patterned magnetic fields was discovered that produced 100% dissolution of planarian in their home environment. After five consecutive days of 6.5 hr exposure to a frequency-modulated magnetic field (0.1 to 2 µT), immediately followed by an additional 6.5 hr exposure on the fifth day, to another complex field(More)
Exotic experiences such as the sensing of another consciousness or the detachment of consciousness from the body are occasionally reported by individuals with partial seizures from a temporal lobe focus. The experiences display the characteristics of Hughlings Jackson's "parasitic consciousness". We have hypothesized that these experiences are encouraged by(More)
  • Lukasz M Karbowski, Sean L Harribance, Carly A Buckner, Bryce P Mulligan, Stanley A Koren, Robert M Lafrenie +1 other
  • 2012
Weak (1 μT) physiologically patterned magnetic fields produce changes in behavioral, physiological, and cellular activity. In the present experiments 12 temporal samples of the electroencephalographic anomaly and normal activity of a person (SLH) whose proximity reliably affected the brain activity of others were extracted from QEEG data, digitized, and(More)
AIMS Previous research published by Venkatasubramanian et al. (2008) in this journal showed markedly enhanced functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) activity within the right parahippocampal region of a gifted person while he experienced accurate telepathic impression. The present research is designed to discern if Sean Harribance, a reliable psychic(More)