Michael A. Persinger

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The myriads of molecular pathways that have been measured to understand the physical bases of neuronal and other cellular functions have exceeded classical comprehension. In the tradition of Bohr and Schrodinger, the hypothesis is developed that molecular pathways are simply epiphenomenal transports of quanta with increments in the order of 10(-20) J.(More)
Light flashes delivered to one aggregate of cells evoked increased photon emission in another aggregate of cells maintained in the dark in another room if both aggregates shared the same temporospatial configuration of changing rate, circular magnetic fields. During the presentation of the same shared circumcerebral magnetic fields increases in photon(More)
Mystical and religious experiences are hypothesized to be evoked by transient, electrical microseizures within deep structures of the temporal lobe. Although experiential details are affected by context and reinforcement history, basic themes reflect the inclusion of different amygdaloid-hippocampal structures and adjacent cortices. Whereas the unusual(More)
Over a 10-year period, a total of 447 men and 624 women between 18 and 61 years of age were administered an inventory whose items describe experiences that are similar to those evoked by electrical stimulation of the temporal lobes. Empirically determined factors contained experiences of sensory enhancement, affective-dissociation, ego alien intrusions, and(More)
In several experiments, robust analgesia (equivalent to about 4 mg/kg of morphine) in male rats to thermal stimuli following exposures to weak (1 microT) complex magnetic fields was explored. The analgesia occurred when patterns of magnetic fields with burst-firing-like configurations were presented for 30 min once every approximately 4 s. The analgesic(More)
The hypothesis that the thyroid is the sensitive organ for extremely low frequency electromagnetic field effects was tested. Rats that had been exposed either perinatally or as adults to several intensities of 0.5 Hz magnetic fields displayed no significant alterations in thyroid morphology or circulating hormone measures.
Significant correlations (0.50) were observed again between scores for the Wilson-Barber Inventory of Childhood Memories and Imagings and the numbers of experiences that are indicative of temporal lobe lability. In addition, positive correlations (0.42) occurred between temporal lobe EEG measures (scalp electrodes) and numbers of temporal lobe signs. The(More)
Photon emissions were measured at ambient temperature (21°C) in complete darkness once per min from cultures of 10(6) cells during the 12 h following removal from 37°C. The energy of emission was about 10(-20) J/s/cell. Of 8 different cell lines, B16-BL6 (mouse melanoma cells) demonstrated the most conspicuous emission profile. Acridine orange and ethidium(More)
Transient, focal, epileptic-like electrical changes in the temporal lobe, without convulsions, have been hypothesized to be primary correlates of religious experiences. Given these properties, direct measurement of these phenomena within the laboratory should be rare. However, two illustrated instances have been recorded. The first case involved the(More)