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The myriads of molecular pathways that have been measured to understand the physical bases of neuronal and other cellular functions have exceeded classical comprehension. In the tradition of Bohr and Schrodinger, the hypothesis is developed that molecular pathways are simply epiphenomenal transports of quanta with increments in the order of 10(-20) J.(More)
Over a 10-year period, a total of 447 men and 624 women between 18 and 61 years of age were administered an inventory whose items describe experiences that are similar to those evoked by electrical stimulation of the temporal lobes. Empirically determined factors contained experiences of sensory enhancement, affective-dissociation, ego alien intrusions, and(More)
Mystical and religious experiences are hypothesized to be evoked by transient, electrical microseizures within deep structures of the temporal lobe. Although experiential details are affected by context and reinforcement history, basic themes reflect the inclusion of different amygdaloid-hippocampal structures and adjacent cortices. Whereas the unusual(More)
Significant correlations (0.50) were observed again between scores for the Wilson-Barber Inventory of Childhood Memories and Imagings and the numbers of experiences that are indicative of temporal lobe lability. In addition, positive correlations (0.42) occurred between temporal lobe EEG measures (scalp electrodes) and numbers of temporal lobe signs. The(More)
In Experiment I, the nociceptive threshold for a criterion response to thermal stimuli (hot plate) for rats was obtained following injections with one of various dosages of either morphine or the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, L-NAME. On the bases of these results, rats in Experiment II were injected with either morphine (4 mg/kg), L-NAME (50 mg/kg), both(More)
The authors have assumed there are specific temporal patterns of complex electromagnetic fields that can access and affect all levels of brain space. The article presents formulae and results that might reveal the required field configurations to obtain this access and to represent these levels in human consciousness. The frequency for the transition from(More)
The cerebral processes of observation and measurement are associated with the action potential whose energy of about 10-20 J matches the magnitude associated with electric forces between ions on the neuronal membrane's surface. Both intrinsic gravitational forces and the density of force within the domain of Planck's length indicate the width of a membrane(More)
The attribution of personal cognition to another consciousness or sentient being is strongly correlated with altered perfusion within the frontoparietal or frontotemporal regions. The authors applied weak complex magnetic fields that produce an increased incidence of these experiences in healthy volunteers. Quantitative monopolar electroencephalographic(More)
Religious and god-related experiences have been hypothesized to be a portion of the continuum of phenomena that are generated by endogenous, transient electrical stimulation within deep structures of the temporal lobe. According to this hypothesis, normal people, without psychiatric history, who report intense religious experiences should also demonstrate a(More)
After inoculation with spinal cord and complete Freund's adjuvant, female Lewis rats were exposed to weak, 7 Hz complex magnetic fields or to the control condition. The computer-generated magnetic field, whose amplitude varied from 15 nT to 60 nT every 6 to 12 sec, was presented for 6 min every hour between midnight and 0800 of the scotophase. In two(More)