Kenneth E Kunkel3
James R Angel2
H Vernon Knapp2
3Kenneth E Kunkel
2James R Angel
2H Vernon Knapp
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  • Derek Winstanley, James A Angel, Stanley A Changnon, H Vernon Knapp, Kenneth E Kunkel, Michael A Palecki +3 others
  • 2006
Front Cover: The left map shows mean annual precipitation in inches across Illinois during the period 1971-2000. The right map shows a calculation of the amount of annual precipitation that would be expected to occur during severe drought with a 200-year return period, based on the records at 74 stations. Executive Summary Provision of adequate and reliable(More)
There is an increasing interest in examining long-term trends in measures of snow climatology. An examination of the U.S. daily snowfall records for 1900–2004 revealed numerous apparent inconsistencies. For example, long-term snowfall trends among neighboring lake-effect stations differ greatly from insignificant to ϩ100% century Ϫ1. Internal(More)
Temporal variability in the occurrence of the most extreme snowfall years, both those with abundant snowfall amounts and those lacking snowfall, was examined using a set of 440 quality-controlled, homogenous U.S. snowfall records. The frequencies with which winter-centered annual snowfall totals exceeded the 90th and 10th percentile thresholds at individual(More)
  • Derek Winstanley, James R Angel, Timothy P Bryant, H Vernon Knapp, Michael A Palecki, Amy M Russell +1 other
  • 2006
The provision of adequate and secure supplies of clean water at reasonable cost is a cornerstone of social and economic development and national security. Major droughts have occurred in the past and will occur again in the future. Such droughts have two major impacts on small community water systems: water supply is reduced (surface waters and shallow(More)
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