Michael A. Oren

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We describe the design process and initial user study of an audio game created for the visually impaired. Until the advent of 3D graphics games, platform games where the player jumps from platform to platform, such as Mario and Sonic, [1] were wildly popular. Although many audio games have been developed over the past decade, the platform genre has been all(More)
This paper discusses ConvoCons, a novel system of conversational icons intended to encourage affinity between collaborators unobtrusively. Using a reification of Bonnie Nardi’s framework for social connection and affinity, ConvoCons overlay an existing application and display varying media that can encourage collaborating partners to begin developing(More)
An audio platform game was created and evaluated in order to answer the question of whether or not an audio game could be designed that effectively conveys the spatial information necessary for persons with visual impairments to successfully navigate the game levels and respond to audio cues in time to avoid obstacles. The game used several types of audio(More)
Using surveys as a means for assessing group common ground has the possibility of social desirability bias where the results may suggest a higher team affinity rating than may actually exist. To evaluate efforts to improve affinity within interdisciplinary design teams, we developed an empirical measurement of affinity based on behavior and conversation in(More)
In this paper we present the result of a user interface designed to increase social affinity between two remote collaborators working on design tasks. The results suggest that the tool is successful in creating an overall affinity that is 14.6% higher than the control group without adding a significant difference in task completion time. Affinity is(More)
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