Michael A. Olevanov

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The recently introduced force field (FF) QMPFF3 is thoroughly validated in gas, liquid, and solid phases. For the first time, it is demonstrated that a physically well-grounded general purpose FF fitted exclusively to a comprehensive set of high level vacuum quantum mechanical data applied as it is to simulation of condensed phase provides high(More)
We have recently introduced a quantum mechanical polarizable force field (QMPFF) fitted solely to high-level quantum mechanical data for simulations of biomolecular systems. Here, we present an improved form of the force field, QMPFF2, and apply it to simulations of liquid water. The results of the simulations show excellent agreement with a variety of(More)
We present the performance of blind predictions of water-cyclohexane distribution coefficients for 53 drug-like compounds in the SAMPL5 challenge by three methods currently in use within our group. Two of them utilize QMPFF3 and ARROW, polarizable force-fields of varying complexity, and the third uses the General Amber Force-Field (GAFF). The polarizable(More)
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