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LKAB's Kiruna mine is an underground sublevel caving mine located above the Arctic circle in northern Sweden. The iron ore mine currently uses a long-term production scheduling model to strategically plan its ore extraction sequence. In this chapter, we describe how we modify this model to consider several different levels of time resolution in the(More)
We study a plethora of chaotic phenomena in the Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model with the use of several computational techniques including the bifurcation parameter continuation, spike-quantification, and evaluation of Lyapunov exponents in bi-parameter diagrams. Such an aggregated approach allows for detecting regions of simple and chaotic dynamics, and(More)
We present a mixed-integer program to schedule long-and short-term production at LKAB's Kiruna mine, an underground sublevel caving mine located in northern Sweden. The model minimizes deviations from monthly preplanned production quantities while adhering to operational constraints. Because of the mathematical structure of the model and its moderately(More)
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