Michael A Machin

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BACKGROUND This was a feasibility study of the combination of Exemestane and the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor Celecoxib in advanced breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Post-menopausal women with histologically proven, hormone receptor positive, advanced breast cancer who had progressive disease, normal blood counts, liver and renal function were(More)
Research has shown that inexperienced drivers underestimate the risks associated with a range of driving situations. In addition, personality factors are an important influence on both risk perceptions and driving behaviour. The study investigated the strength of relationship between personality factors, risk perceptions, and driving behaviour among young,(More)
Four studies employed path analysis to examine how measures of occupational stressors, coping resources, and negative affectivity (NA) and positive affectivity (PA) interact to predict occupational strain. The Occupational Stress Inventory (Osipow & Spokane, 1987) was used to measure stress, strain, and coping. The Positive and Negative Affectivity Schedule(More)
Workplace hazards have been a major cause of concern in the taxi industry and management has been actively involved in trying to reduce the hazards faced by taxi drivers. However, it appears that there has not been sufficient emphasis placed on the physical health and emotional well-being of drivers. This research project integrates the various factors that(More)
A survey was conducted on a sample of 159 Australian bus drivers to determine the extent to which workload and self-reported driver coping styles predicted their subjective health status. The model that was proposed incorporated the hours spent driving as a measure of workload, both adaptive and maladaptive driver coping styles, and self-report measures of(More)
OBJECTIVES The study examined the mediating influence of individual psychological reactions to work on the relationship between organisational climate and job withdrawal behaviours (viz, intention to leave and absenteeism). METHODS 1097 hospital employees were surveyed using the Queensland Public Agency Staff Survey (QPASS) to obtain measures of(More)
This study was conducted with 1097 employees (866 females, 217 males, 14 did not indicate gender) in a regional Health Service District who completed the Queensland Public Agency Staff Survey in 2002. Nurses' results on measures of organizational climate and psychological outcomes were compared with those of other employees in the Health Service District.(More)
A sample of job seekers (N=161) were assessed on measures of well-being and the latent benefits of employment. The unemployed reported less access to the latent benefits than the underemployed. In a finer grained analysis, there was a monotonic increase from least to most access to the latent benefits from those with no paid work in the past three months,(More)
Few studies have focused on the individual and organisational factors that predict motivation to learn when training is mandatory. This study addressed the overall predictability of motivation to learn from a range of individual and organisational variables as well as whether organisational commitment mediated the relationships between the other predictors(More)
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