Michael A. Lai

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Modern applications increasingly require the computation of DSP workloads comprised of a variety of numerically-intensive DSP tasks. These workloads are found in communication, multime-dia, embedded, and wireless applications, and often require very high levels of computation and high energy efficiency. The Asynchronous Array of Simple Processors (AsAP)(More)
  • Michael Andrew Lai, Davis Approved, Chair, Baas Bevan, Rajeevan Member, Amirtharajah +3 others
  • 2004
An Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and a Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) unit designed for a high performance digital signal processor are presented. The 16-bit ALU performs all the logic instructions and includes a saturating adder and subtractor. It also performs shift instructions and a bit reverse instruction. The MAC unit is pipelined into three stages and(More)
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