Michael A. Gross

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Experience design, an approach to create emotional connection with guests or customers through careful planning of tangible and intangible service elements, has gained popularity in many hospitality and retail businesses. With ever-increasing competition, service providers seek to develop loyalty by aggressively designing, continuously innovating, and(More)
Rat chloroma cells have been propagated in permanent suspension cultures and are grown in Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium with 10% fetal calf serum and 2.5% horse serum. Several lines have been established; the one of longest duration, Mia C51, has been maintained for over 18 months and has undergone over 100 transfers. Mia C51 cells have a doubling time(More)
Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating activity (GM-CSA) can be produced by a variety of normal cell types including mononuclear phagocytes, activated T lymphocytes, endothelial cells, and fibroblasts. Recent evidence shows that a major role of the monocyte-macrophage is the recruitment of environmental cells, i.e., fibroblasts, to produce GM-CSA. In(More)
Stimulators of human erythroid burst-forming units (BFU-E) and multipotential colony-forming cells (CFU-GEMM) can be produced by a number of different cell types. A product of human peripheral blood monocytes, interleukin 1 (IL-1), was evaluated for its ability to stimulate fibroblast cultures to produce stimulators of human bone marrow BFU-E and CFU-GEMM(More)
Based on recently published data, IL-1 has been shown to provide radioprotective effects when given to mice 20 h before a lethal dose of irradiation and to enhance granulocyte recovery in mice treated with cyclophosphamide. In this study, we have investigated whether IL-1 can provide protection for human bone marrow colony-forming cells treated with high(More)
CSF-dependent myeloid colony growth can be augmented or inhibited by a number of modulating factors. PGs of the E series are known to inhibit colony formation. The antagonistic actions of PGE and PGF in many biological systems prompted us to compare their effects on myelopoiesis in vitro. PGF2alpha at an optimal concentration of 1 x 10(-9)M increased colony(More)
Human bone marrow cells have been fractionated by velocity sedimentation at unit gravity. Fractions were analyzed for cell morphology, number of nucleated cells and myeloid colony-forming cells (CFU-C's). Colony formation was assayed with the following CSF preparations: serum-free HLCM and two electrophoretically distinct CSF fractions (CSF-A and CSF-B)(More)
The effect of chloramphenicol (CAP) was examined on the in vitro growth of CFU-E and CFU-C from four strains of mice: C57L/J, A/HEJ and their first generation hybrid LAF1, and the inbred strain C57BL/6J. The growth of marrow CFU-E from C57L/J and the hybrid LAF1 was inhibited by 82--96% at a CAP concentration of 10 microgram/ml compared to only 22--39% for(More)