Michael A Grippi

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The purpose of this study was to determine whether factors associated with impaired pulmonary function were predictive of postoperative extubation outcome (extubation according to protocol or delayed extubation) in a sample of patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery. Forty-seven patients were assessed before surgery and after postoperative extubation(More)
Adaptation to the reflex effects of sustained changes in lung volume on inspiratory duration (TI), expiratory duration (TE), and the phrenic neurogram was examined. Test inflations in gallamine-paralyzed dogs anesthetized with pentobarbital sodium were made during a 6-min trial while the animal was not ventilated: 2 min at functional residual capacity(More)
An increasing number of drugs have been implicated in the pathogenesis of a broad spectrum of pulmonary diseases. The clinical and radiographic manifestations are often nonspecific, requiring a high index of suspicion by both the clinician and the radiologist. The review focuses on patterns of drug-induced pulmonary disease, including parenchymal disorders,(More)
RATIONALE In November 2005, the American Thoracic and European Respiratory Societies jointly published a statement proposing a new interpretation scheme for pulmonary function tests. The practical effect of adoption of these new guidelines has not yet been studied. The purpose of the current study was to address the effects of the new interpretation(More)
In recent years, the role of medical subspecialty textbooks as sources of information for students, trainees, and practicing clinicians has been challenged. Although the structure of textbooks continues to evolve from standard, printed versions to digital formats, including e-books and online texts, we maintain that the authoritative compilation of clinical(More)