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Conjugates of bacteriochlorin p and chlorin e(6) with cobalt bis(dicarbollide) anion [3,3'-Co(1,2-C(2)B(9)H(11))(2)](-) were synthesized using different synthetic approaches. The boronated bacteriochlorin p was prepared by reaction of bacteriochlorin N-amino cycloimide with, bis(dicarbollide)-based carboxylic acid. The boronated chlorin e(6) conjugates were(More)
Reactive oxygen species generated by photosensitizers are efficacious remedy for tumor eradication. Eleven cycloimide derivatives of bacteriochlorin p (CIBCs) with different N-substituents at the fused imide ring and various substituents replacing the 3-acetyl group were evaluated as photosensitizers with special emphasis on structure-activity(More)
17 Bacteriochlorophyll a derivatives are characterized by an intense absorption band in the near infrared region of the spectrum (∼800 nm). This key character istic ensures the depth of light penetration into tissues [1]; therefore, bacteriochlorophyll a derivatives are of interest as photosensitizers for antitumor and antimi crobial photodynamic therapy(More)
Optimization of the chemical structure of antitumor photosensitizers (PSs) is aimed at increasing their affinity to a transport protein, albumin and irreversible light-induced tumor cell damage. Bacteriopurpurinimide derivatives are promising PSs thanks to their ability to absorb light in the near infrared spectral region. Using spectrophotometry, we show(More)
New derivatives of bacteriochlorophyll a bearing an extra glutarimide exocycle were synthesized, and their reactivity was studied. Acetyl group in 3-acetyl-2,7,12,18-tetramethyl-8-ethyl-13,15-dicarboxy-17-carboxyethyl-7,8,17,18-tetrahydroporphyrin (bacteriochlorin p) was chemically modified into α-hydroxyethyl and vinyl groups. A simple method of(More)
The lens removal from the newt eye stimulates regeneration of the latter from the dorsal iris cells. We have undertaken an attempt to stimulate lens regeneration from teh ventral iris pigmented cells by growth factors: basic and acidic forms of the fibroblast growth factor and the epidermal growth factor. In the presence of the growth factors, the mitotic(More)
Method of photodynamic therapy (PDT) of malignancies is actively used in experimental and clinical oncology. This work is devoted to investigation of Bacteriochlorin p N-alkoxycycloimide alkoxyoxyme methyl ester which possesses its absorption band at 795-800 nm. We have estimated the applicability of PDT with this photosensitizer to treat melanoma. We have(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of a new sulfur-containing derivative of bacteriochlorophyll a. The latter was isolated from biomass of the nonsulfur purple bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus strain B10. The developed photosensitizer is N-aminobacteriopurpurinimide with an exocyclic amino group acylated with a lipoic acid moiety, which is a(More)
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