Michael A. Gigante

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OBJECTIVE To establish the association between the use of contraceptives and the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and other reproductive tract infections (RTI). METHODS 840 women who used contraception and who attended the Fundação Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso's Family Planning Clinic (FNSBS-FPC) over a 2-year period (1993-1994) were(More)
We describe a new approach for creating performance control systems for digital puppetry. Genetic programming with fitness values specified directly by the puppeteer is used. A generic device and model representation combined with the inherent domain independence of the genetic programming paradigm allows this approach to create control systems for(More)
Ausgraph 88 was held in Melbourne, Australia July 4-8, 1988 . Russell Every [Praxa] Exhibition Manage r The conference and exhibition venue was the Hyatt on Collins Marion Cottingham [Monash] Film/Video/Art Chai r hotel in downtown Melbourne . Sonny Trinder [RMIT] Treasurer Ausgraph 88 was the sixth annual International Conference on Viginia Solomon [ICMS](More)
Tutorial is an interactive exploratory learning tool designed toaid programmers in learning graphics programming and SiliconGraphics Inc.'s Graphics Library (GL) in particular. Tutorial is driven by four demo programs that present<i>simulated source code</i> to the student. Thestudent uses Tutorial by executing each line of code and noticingits(More)
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