Michael A Gagnon

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Two types of acupuncture therapy, one aimed specifically at smoking withdrawal and the other aimed at enhancing relaxation, were compared with self-monitoring in 75 healthy men that wished to stop smoking. During the 2 weeks following treatment there was no significant difference in the adjusted mean daily smoking rates of the subjects receiving acupuncture(More)
Twenty-four volunteer college students who were regular drug users were randomly allocated to three training groups of equal size: alpha feedback, EMG feedback and a joked control group. The subjects were unaware of which feedback condition they received and were asked to practise at home during a six-month follow-up period in order to achieve a relaxed(More)
Effect of a once weekly oral contraceptive upon gonadotrophin and gonadal steroid levels. levels in peripheral plasma during the luteal phase of the normal human menstrual cycle measured by a rapid competitive protein binding technique. Time course of serum estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) concentrations during the menstrual cycle of the rhesus monkey.(More)
The systemic availability of an investigational liquid formulation of imipramine was compared to that of a commercially available tablet (Tofranil) whose therapeutic efficacy has been established by usage. The experiment was conducted under controlled conditions and a balanced 2-by-2 crossover design was used to dissociate the significance of formulation(More)
BACKGROUND As the U.S. healthcare payment system shifts from volume to value, identifying care approaches that improve outcomes while lowering costs are essential. We sought to understand the utility of home infusion versus medical-setting infusion as a mechanism to affect the three-part aim: better care, better health outcomes, and lower costs. STUDY(More)