Michael A. Demetriou

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  • Michael Bb, Fb Mathematik, M A Demetriou, Simeon Reich, I G Rosen
  • 1995
A model reference adaptive control law is deened for nonlinear distributed parameter systems. The reference model is assumed to be governed by a strongly coercive linear operator deened with respect to a Gelfand triple of reeexive Banach and Hilbert spaces. The resulting nonlinear closed loop system is shown to be well posed. The tracking error is shown to(More)
The problem of estimating a spatially distributed process described by a partial differential equation (PDE), whose observations are contaminated by a zero mean Gaussian noise, is considered in this work. The basic premise of this work is that a set of mobile sensors achieve better estimation performance than a set of immobile sensors. To enhance the(More)
The on-line or adaptive identification of parameters in abstract linear and nonlin-ear infinite-dimensional dynamical systems is considered. An estimator in the form of an infinite-dimensional linear evolution system having the state and parameter estimates as its states is defined. Convergence of the state estimator is established via a Lyapunov estimate.(More)
A feedback control computational methodology for reducing acoustic sound pressure levels in a 2-D cavity with a exible boundary (a beam) is investigated. The control is implemented in this model through voltages to piezoceramic patches on the beam which are excited in a manner (out-of-phase) so as to produce pure bending moments. The incorporation of the(More)