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| Detection of incipient (slowly developing) faults is crucial in automated maintenance problems where early detection of worn equipment is required. In this note, a general framework for model-based fault detection and diagnosis of a class of incipient faults is developed. The changes in the system dynamics due to the fault are modeled as nonlinear(More)
A model reference adaptive control law is deened for nonlinear distributed parameter systems. The reference model is assumed to be governed by a strongly coercive linear operator deened with respect to a Gelfand triple of reeexive Banach and Hilbert spaces. The resulting nonlinear closed loop system is shown to be well posed. The tracking error is shown to(More)
The problem of estimating a spatially distributed process described by a partial differential equation (PDE), whose observations are contaminated by a zero mean Gaussian noise, is considered in this work. The basic premise of this work is that a set of mobile sensors achieve better estimation performance than a set of immobile sensors. To enhance the(More)
The release of gases from land or aerial-based vehicles into an environment represents accidental or deliberate action. This work considers the dispersion of a plume from a moving source and proposes a model-based estimation scheme that provides the proximity of the source location by means of a guided mobile agent that carries a sensor. The method couples(More)
An undesirable release of a gaseous substance in the atmosphere can pose a significant threat. To minimize the negative impact of this release, it is important to predict the state of the release as well as the proximity of the source location. This work investigates the real time detection and state estimation of an aerial release due to a stationary or(More)