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The objectives were to model empirical interrelationships among dietary macromineral elements and cation-anion difference influencing DMI, milk yield, 4% FCM yield, and milk composition of dairy cows. The database consisted of 1022 cow-period means collected from 326 midlactation cows in experiments with incomplete block designs. Dietary concentrations of(More)
BACKGROUND Rates of invasive testing and treatment for coronary artery disease have increased over time. Less is known about trends in the utilization of noninvasive cardiac testing for coronary artery disease. The objective of this study was 2-fold: to explore temporal trends in the utilization of noninvasive and invasive cardiac services in relation to(More)
Body condition may influence pregnancy rates to a timed insemination (Ovsynch/TAI) protocol and affect the economical performance of dairy farms. The objectives were to compare pregnancy rates using the Ovsynch/TAI protocol for the first service of lactating dairy cows with body condition scores < 2.5 (scale: 1 to 5, low BCS group) versus > or = 2.5(More)
A network simulation model of herringbone and parallel milking parlors was built. Parlor performance was predicted based on the number of cows milked per hour and the amount of milk harvested per shift. Modeled parlors operated using a task-oriented milking routine. The simulation also modeled milking personnel, milking system vacuum pressure and pulsation(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of efforts in the early detection of prostate cancer using prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing in the USA, by estimating the regional prevalence of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) among older men in 1993-2000, and correlating the prevalence with early detection and aggressive treatment rates in 1987-91, as some(More)
Dynamic programming to solve the Markov decision process problem of optimal insemination and replacement decisions was adapted to address large dairy herd management decision problems in the US. Expected net present values of cow states (151,200) were used to determine the optimal policy. States were specified by class of parity (n = 12), production level(More)
BACKGROUND An increasing number of older patients are being hospitalized with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Knowledge of their expected long-term survival may be useful in making clinical decisions. METHODS Patients age 65 or older admitted for the first time with head injury (ICD-9 800-804 or 850-854) during 1999 were identified in a complete national(More)
We wished to compare the effect of summer heat stress on pregnancy rate in cows that were inseminated at a set interval associated with a synchronized ovulation vs those inseminated upon routine estrus detection. The study was carried out on a commercial dairy farm in Florida from May to September 1995. Lactating dairy cows were given PGF2 alpha (25 mg(More)
Our objective was to evaluate effects of acute thermal stress, independent of reduced feed intake caused by elevated temperatures, and of reduced feed intake in thermal comfort on plasma concentrations of somatotropin, insulin-like growth factors I and II, thyroxine, and triiodothyronine. Six Holstein cows (averaging 475 +/- 18 kg BW, 2.3 +/- .3 parities,(More)
Superovulation and embryo transfer records on performance of embryo donor (n = 3,908; beef 99%, dairy 1%) and recipient (n = 19,936; beef 92%, dairy 8%) cattle from a commercial transfer unit were analyzed for environmental effects. Embryos (n = 42,428) were recovered on Days 5 to 8 postestrus from superovulated donors. Numbers of ova, fertilized ova and(More)