Michael A. Coyle

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BACKGROUND To date, methods used to assess cough have been primarily subjective, and only broadly reflect the impact of chronic cough and/or chronic cough therapies on quality of life. Objective assessment of cough has been attempted, but early techniques were neither ambulatory nor feasible for long-term data collection. We evaluated a novel ambulatory(More)
Lenalidomide is an immunomodulatory drug (IMiD) with activity in lymphoid malignancies occurring primarily through immune modulation (eg, T-cell immune synapse enhancement and NK-cell/T-cell effector augmentation) and antiproliferative effects. Food and Drug Administration-approved for bortezomib-resistant, relapsed/refractory mantle-cell lymphoma,(More)
Overview After a decade of contentious debate regarding the federal sentencing disparities between crack cocaine and powder cocaine, a number of significant initiatives to reform current policy have recently emerged. These include legislation introduced in Congress and a series of hearings resulting in recommendations by the United States Sentencing(More)
of the most significant factors influencing the practice of medicine is the tremendous increase in personal mobility and the upcoming deployment of a wide array of non-invasive microsensors to monitor a person's condition, along with advances in medical imaging devices. Wireless communications, the Internet, and low-cost air travel has now created a new(More)
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