Michael A. Bedek

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We suggest the Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) as theoretical backbone in technology-enhanced learning settings to support a studentsíearning process in two ways: i) by engaging with concept lattices, the structure of the knowledge domain and the interrelations of its concepts become explicit, and ii) by providing visual feedback in form of open learner(More)
This paper describes the formative evaluation activities that were designed and implemented during the development of the weSPOT 1 inquiry based learning platform. With the ambition to provide a platform that supports a broad range of inquiry activities in accordance with end-users needs, an agile software development approach was followed as a process of(More)
This paper presents a framework that supports the detection and mitigation of cognitive biases in visual analytics environments for criminal analysis. Criminal analysts often use visual analytics environments for their analysis of large data sets, for gaining insights on criminal events and patterns of criminal events, and for drawing conclusions and making(More)
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