Michael A. Barnes

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In this study we investigated the relation between young children's comprehension skill and inference-making ability using a procedure that controlled individual differences in general knowledge (Barnes & Dennis, 1998; Barnes, Dennis, & Haefele-Kalvaitis, 1996). A multiepisode story was read to the children, and their ability to make two types of inference(More)
uicide and intentional self-harm are issues of major importance in public health, public interest and public policy. In Australia, suicide rates are widely used as a progress indicator in these areas. 1 Accurate suicide statistics underpin appropriately targeted suicide prevention strategies and research, costing of suicide and combating associated stigma.(More)
PubMed and HighWire Press are both useful medical literature search engines available for free to anyone on the internet. We measured retrieval accuracy, number of results generated, retrieval speed, features and search tools on HighWire Press and PubMed using the quick search features of each. We found that using HighWire Press resulted in a higher(More)
The inclusion of information that is interesting, but irrelevant to the lesson, has been found to distract learners and diminish comprehension in a phenomenon referred to as the seductive details effect (Lehman, Schraw, McCrudden, & Hartley, 2007). Math textbooks often contain images, either decorative (i.e., for aesthetic purposes only) or contextual(More)
To faithfully simulate ITER and other modern fusion devices, one must resolve electron and ion fluctuation scales in a five-dimensional phase space and time. Simultaneously, one must account for the interaction of this turbulence with the slow evolution of the large-scale plasma profiles. Because of the enormous range of scales involved and the high(More)
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