Micha Tomkiewicz

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(1) When hindlimb peripheral nerves are cut across in rats and mice, there is a tendency for the animal to attack the anaesthetic limb. We have called this attack "autotomy". In this paper we describe the time course and degree of autotomy following various types of nerve injury. (2) Four different types of lesion were applied to the sciatic nerve of rats.(More)
Photoelectrolytic decomposition of water with visible irradiation is demonstrated in a cell made of p-type gallium phosphide as the cathode and platinum as the anode. A maximum energy conversion efficiency of 0.1 percent is achieved with an external bias of 1.3 volts. The stability of the electrode is demonstrated, and the results are discussed in terms of(More)
In our modern world, where science, technology and society are tightly interwoven, it is essential that all students be able to evaluate scientific evidence and make informed decisions. Energy Choices, an agent-based simulation with a multiplayer game interface, was developed as a learning tool that models the interdependencies between the energy choices(More)
Di-tert-butylnitroxide dissolved in an aqueous suspension of egg yolk lecithin vesicles is distributed between the two phases. Partition coefficients of the nitroxide between the lipid and the water, calculated from the nitroxide electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra, decrease with decreasing temperature until approximately the freezing point of the(More)