Michał Woszczyk

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Archived data and sedimentary macrofossil records of vegetation and invertebrates deposited in a 60-cm long sediment core were analysed to examine if macrophyte dominance was a permanent feature of the recent history of lowland Lake Kleszczów. For the last several centuries, the lake has not been dominated by phytoplankton but by floating-leaved vegetation(More)
Change in the trophic state of lakes is a topic of primary interest for limnologists and paleolimnologists, but also for governments in many countries. These changes can be the result of the natural evolution of lake ecosystems, but nowadays are most often connected with human activity influencing water bodies. In this article, we reconstruct changes in the(More)
In this study we combined radioisotopes (210Pb, 137Cs and 7Be) and hydrodynamic modeling to investigate sedimentary processes in three coastal lakes on the Polish Baltic coast. The research aimed at establishing the depth of sediment mixing and its effects on sediment geochemistry as well as showing the relationship between lake water salinity and(More)
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