Michał Rachwalski

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Deracemisation of racemic compounds is still the most important strategy to produce optically pure compounds despite many recent advances in asymmetric synthesis. Especially deracemisation approaches that give rise to single enantiomers are preferred, which can be achieved either by invoking organocatalysts, metal complexes or enzymes - leading to dynamic(More)
Optically pure, diastereomeric aziridine amides built on the chiral skeletons of camphor, fenchone, and menthone have proven to be highly efficient ligands for enantioselective asymmetric direct aldol reaction in the presence of water and zinc triflate. Desired products were formed in moderate to high chemical yields (up to 95%) and with enantiomeric excess(More)
Efficient chiral catalysts for direct asymmetric three-component Mannich reactions of ketones, aldehydes and an amine (p-anisidine) have been developed. The corresponding β-amino carbonyl compounds (Mannich adducts) were obtained in good chemical yields and excellent enantio- and diastereoselectivities. The reaction conditions have been optimized by(More)
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