Michał Lubas

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The multisubunit RNA exosome complex is a major ribonuclease of eukaryotic cells that participates in the processing, quality control and degradation of virtually all classes of RNA in Eukaryota. All this is achieved by about a dozen proteins with only three ribonuclease activities between them. At first glance, the versatility of the pathways involving the(More)
The paper presents the results of the investigations of the surface layer obtained after application of the combined hybrid method of oxidation in a fluidized bed (FB) and deposition of the oxide coating by PVD technique. The material used in the study was Ti Grade 2. The process of diffusive saturation was carried out in a fluidized-bed reactor at the(More)
A thin native oxide film that forms on the titanium surface makes contact with the bone tissue has been considered to be of great importance to successful osseointegration. The study investigated oxygen-diffused grade 2 titanium obtained by introducing oxygen into the titanium crystal lattice using thermal treatment in fluidized bed performed at 610°C and(More)
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