Michał Lenarczyk

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We are carrying out studies aimed at reducing the mutagenic effects of high-LET 56Fe ions and 12C ions (56Fe ions, 143 keV/microm; 12C ions, 100 keV/microm) with certain drugs, including RibCys [2-(R,S)-D-ribo-(1',2',3',4'-tetrahydroxybutyl)-thiazolidine-4(R)-carboxylic acid]. RibCys, formed by condensation of L-cysteine with D-ribose, is designed so that(More)
We measured the number of mutants and the kinds of mutations induced by 137Cs-gamma and by HZE-Fe (56Fe [600 MeV/amu, LET = 190 KeV/micrometer) in standard AL human hamster hybrid cells and in a new variant hybrid, AL-179. We found that HZE-Fe was more mutagenic than 137Cs-gamma per unit dose (about 1.6 fold), but was slightly less mutagenic per mean(More)
This laboratory previously described a single-laser flow cytometric method, which effectively resolves micronucleated erythrocyte populations in rodent peripheral blood samples. Even so, the rarity and variable size of micronuclei make it difficult to configure instrument settings consistently and define analysis regions rationally to enumerate the cell(More)
Physical maps constructed by the localization of the cleavage site of several restriction endonucleases have shown that the genomes of the Haemophilus bacteriophages S2 and HP1c1 exist in variant forms which differ in the molecular organization of the genomes. At least three regions of different organization of the bacteriophage chromosomes have been(More)
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