Michał Latalski

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UNLABELLED Gradual limb lengthening with external fixators using distraction osteogenesis principles is the gold standard for treatment of limb-length discrepancy. However, long treatment time is a major disadvantage of the current lengthening procedures. Efforts to decrease the treatment include biological and biomechanical factors. Injection of(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Scoliosis is a serious clinical problem which requires a systematic physical therapy and control of body balance--treatment from the moment of achieving skeletal maturity by a child. In the situation of neglect of such a management, the deformation of the spine often requires surgical intervention. The role of parents in the(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Postural defects increasingly more often concern children and adolescents at school age. The lack of prophylaxis and neglecting adequate procedures may lead to limitations of physical and motor abilities, back pain, or the development of severe spinal deformities. Recognition of the risk factors conducive to the occurrence of the(More)
BACKGROUND Severe deformities of the chest, early-onset progressive scoliosis, congenital defects of the ribs and the vertebral column may all give rise to the thoracic insufficiency syndrome (TIS), when the chest capacity is too low to fully support basic vital functions, leading to gradually progressive cardiopulmonary failure. Aim of study. This paper(More)
Background. This article provides basic information concerning a new conservative treatment for idiopathic scoliosis, with appropriate asymmetric flexion-rotation exercises and special redressing positions. Material and method. The analysis was based on 288 children with scoliosis and a control group of 268 children. The authors describe the most important(More)