Michał Kwiecień

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Materials with shape memory effect (SME) have already been widely used in the medical field. The interesting part of this group is represented by double function materials. The bioresorption and SME ability are common in polyesters implants. The first information about vascular stent made of bioresorbable polyester with SME was published in 2000. However,(More)
The (trans)esterification reaction of bacterial biopolymers with a selected bioactive compound with a hydroxyl group was applied as a convenient method for obtaining conjugates of such compound. Tyrosol, a naturally occurring phenolic compound, was selected as a model of a bioactive compound with a hydroxyl group. Selected biodegradable polyester and(More)
A highly selective method is described for controlling the degradation of polyhydroxyalkanoates, PHA, via a reduction reaction that uses lithium borohydride. Using this method, oligo(hydroxyalkanoate)diols derived from a poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) biopolyester [poly(3HB-co-4HB)] and from synthetic atactic poly[(R,S)-3-hydroxybutyrate](More)
A family of homo- and heteroleptic zinc complexes bearing aminonaphtholate ligands was synthesized and fully characterized. Using NMR spectroscopy and DFT calculation, bis-alkoxy-bridged complexes [LZn(μ-OR)]2 were confirmed to have dimeric structures in solution, analogous to those obtained via X-ray crystallography. Surprisingly, a detailed experimental(More)
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