Michał Kurek

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Anaphylaxis due to allergic or non-allergic hypersensitivity to drugs is an acute fatal or potentially fatal reaction. The estimate rate of 3.2 cases of drug-associated fatal anaphylaxis per 100.000 inhabitants per year seems to be approximately 10 times greater in hospitalised patients. The most common agents that are responsible for anaphylaxis in(More)
In this paper we described the fine structure changes observed in mast cells from patients with food allergy. We studied material from 7 patients with allergy for the eggs and flour. Biopsies were obtained from the gastric mucosa, duodenum and rectum after the allergic provocation. Ultrastructural examination revealed mast cells mainly in the submucosa near(More)
Adverse hypersensitivity reactions to natural foods and certain drugs and food additives are mediated by immunological (allergy) or non-immunological mechanisms. Some clinical and physiological similarities have been noted between these allergic and non-allergic reactions. This observation has led to the concept of "pseudoallergic reactions-PAR". PAR can be(More)
The effects of heparin, aspirin, promethazine and prednisone on late skin reactions, provoked by tobacco extracts were studied in four groups of 17 patients with coronary artery disease. In all patients, intracutaneous tests were made with four different tobacco preparations, both on the first day of their hospitalisation and after 14 days of therapy. It(More)