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To evaluate the effect of early systematic soccer training on postural control we measured center-of-pressure (COP) variability, range, mean velocity and frequency in bipedal quiet stance with eyes open (EO) and closed (EC) in 44 boys aged 13 (25 boys who practiced soccer for 5-6 years and 19 healthy boys who did not practice sports). The soccer players had(More)
The kinetics of the low pressure synthesis of methanol from feed gases containing solely CO and H, were studied in an internally recycled gradientless reactor. As experimental accuracy impeded the application of high CO contents, the experimental range of mole fraction of CO was limited to 0.04 to 0.22. The total pressure was varied from 3 to 7 MPa and the(More)
Stability of quiet upright stance was investigated in 25 children with cerebral palsy at the beginning and the end of a 3-month period of therapy involving 20 min microprocessor-controlled saddle riding, performed twice a week. The traditional parameters of postural sway based on the centre-of-pressure analysis (range, standard deviation, mean speed and(More)
The properties of a new postural stability criterion based on the analysis of the difference between centre of pressure and centre of gravity are discussed. This difference may be regarded as the control variable representing active work of ankle muscles allowing to maintain equilibrium and can be effectively modelled as the second order autoregressive(More)
To elucidate the mechanisms responsible for deteriorated postural control in children with hearing deficit (CwHD), we measured center-of-pressure (COP) variability, mean velocity and entropy in bipedal quiet stance (feet together) with or without the concurrent cognitive task (reaction to visual stimulus) on hard or foam surface in 29 CwHD and a control(More)
We investigated balance in 33 competitive dancers (17 females, 16 males) and 22 controls (17 females, 5 males) (age 16-27 years) on a force plate in two conditions: single task (quiet stance) and dual task (with a concurrent mental task). Balance was evaluated using centre-of-pressure shift (sway) variability, mean speed, frequency, and sample entropy. The(More)
We compared postural stability with eyes open (EO) and with visual feedback (VFB) in 15 elderly subjects with cognitive impairment (SwCI) and 17 controls. Postural stability was evaluated using the center-of-pressure (COP) mean radius and velocity, while postural strategies by the frequency and damping of the difference between the COP and the(More)
[Purpose] Whole body cryotherapy has been shown to have many benefits, yet nothing is known if and how this modality can improve neuromuscular performance and retain those improvements. [Subjects and Methods] Joint position sense based on the bilateral knee joint matching test and simple reaction time was investigated in 25 young healthy adults who(More)
INTRODUCTION Falls are one of the major problems among the elderly population. It has been established that people with dementia fall down more often. It is believed that this is a consequence of risky decision making by people with dementia resulting from cognitive deterioration. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between(More)