Michał Komorowski

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We present a novel and simple method to numerically calculate Fisher information matrices for stochastic chemical kinetics models. The linear noise approximation is used to derive model equations and a likelihood function that leads to an efficient computational algorithm. Our approach reduces the problem of calculating the Fisher information matrix to(More)
Fluorescent and luminescent proteins are often used as reporters of transcriptional activity. Given the prevalence of noise in biochemical systems, the time-series data arising from these is of significant interest in efforts to calibrate stochastic models of gene expression and obtain information about sources of nongenetic variability. We present a(More)
Stochasticity is an essential aspect of biochemical processes at the cellular level. We now know that living cells take advantage of stochasticity in some cases and counteract stochastic effects in others. Here we propose a method that allows us to calculate contributions of individual reactions to the total variability of a system's output. We demonstrate(More)
The molecular reaction networks that coordinate the response of an organism to changing environmental conditions are central for survival and reproduction. Escherchia coli employs an accurate and flexible signalling system that is capable of processing ambient nitrogen availability rapidly and with high accuracy. Carefully orchestrated post-translational(More)
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