Michał Gorzkiewicz

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Dendrimers constitute a class of hyperbranched macromolecules with several potential applications due to their unique properties such as a well-defined structure, multivalency and biocompatibility. These polymers became one of the most promising drug nanocarriers, providing improved solubility of therapeutics, high loading capacity and controllable(More)
Th17 cells are involved in the immune response against pathogens, autoimmunity, and tumor progression. The differentiation of human Th17 cells requires the upregulation of RORγT, which in human cells is still not well understood. We identified 2 putative binding motifs for specificity protein transcription factors from the specificity protein/Kruppel-like(More)
The pregnane X receptor (PXR) is one of the master regulators of xenobiotic transformation. Interactions between pharmacologic compounds and PXR frequently result in drug-to-drug interactions, drug-induced hepatotoxicity, and the development of drug-resistant phenotypes in cancer cells. Potential PXR-mediated effects on drug metabolism can be predicted(More)
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