Michał Dyzma

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Organic solvents pose a considerable health risk for humans. It is due to their ability to cross biological barriers and indisputable toxicity on the one hand, and the wealth of applications and large production and consumption volumes on the other. The primary target of the toxic action of organic solvents is the nervous system. In this paper, some(More)
Mitochondria not only govern energy production, but are also involved in crucial cellular signalling processes. They are one of the most important organelles determining the Ca(2+) regulatory pathway in the cell. Several mathematical models explaining these mechanisms were constructed, but only few of them describe interplay between calcium concentrations(More)
where θ = ∇ · u is the dilation and u is the displacement. The stress tensor σ ≡ σij , where (1.3) σij = θλδij + 2Gǫij + ν1θ,tδij + ν2ǫij,t + τij . In Eq. (1.1), c denotes the free cytosolic calcium concentration, D is its effective diffusion coefficient, f(c) is the function describing calcium transport into and out of the cytosol. In Eq. (1.3), ǫij are(More)
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