Michaël Schapira

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OBJECTIVES To assess the feasibility and efficiency of the screening for hepatocarcinoma in a cohort of cirrhoseis mainly of alcoholic origin. PATIENTS AND METHODS 293 patients with cirrhosis, among them 186 (63.5%) from alcoholic origin, were included in a surveillance programme for hepatocarcinoma by carrying out liver ultrasonography and(More)
The authors report 45 episodes of centrilobular liver cell necrosis, called ischemic hepatitis, in 43 cardiac patients. In 75 percent of the episodes, centrilobular liver cell necrosis was preceded by a period of progressive deterioration of myocardiac function. In 100 percent of the episodes, liver cell necrosis occurred after an acute clinical event(More)
Endoscopic treatment of superficial gastric cancer has been reported to be effective by many Japanese teams. In this study, the Nd:YAG laser was used to treat superficial gastric carcinoma in inoperable Caucasian patients with the aim of obtaining a complete response, i.e., disappearance of the lesion endoscopically and biopsy specimens negative for cancer.(More)
Early distinction between acute alcoholic pancreatitis is important, because of possible emergency endoscopic sphincterotomy in case of biliary pancreatitis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the value of L/A ratio in the diagnosis of acute alcoholic pancreatitis. From 1990 to end 1993, 133 patients with acute pancreatitis were reviewed. Inclusion(More)
Les auteurs ont analysé les données relatives à 54 patients adressés pour USE par un service d’oncologie médicale. L’USE est contributive dans les néoplasies œsophagiennes, permettant la détection des récidives para-œsophagiennes et les compressions (par tumeurs bronchiques), et à l’avenir, devrait probablement faciliter le traitement, mieux ciblé des(More)
Clinicians are often required to decide how to manage patients receiving long-term anticoagulant therapy, and who need a surgical procedure. The decisions are based on the perceived risk of continuing or stopping the treatment. Generally, warfarin must be stopped before all interventions at high risk of bleeding, but can be maintained unchanged before oral(More)
Out of a prospective series of 142 consecutive episodes of hypoxic (ischemic) hepatitis (HH), we identified 17 episodes associated with an acute exacerbation of chronic respiratory failure (CRF) without left cardiac failure. In the aim to evaluate the role of arterial hypoxemia in the pathogenesis of HH associated with respiratory failure, these 17 episodes(More)
Colonoscopy is the current gold standard for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal neoplasms. Several gastroenterological and/or endoscopical societies recommend screening by colonoscopy in high risk patients for colorectal cancer whilst for average risk patients colonoscopy remains a valid option. In some countries screening colonoscopy is now covered(More)